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Please keep in mind that I am usually booked out 6-7 months in advance. However, I do take Rush Orders for an additional 30% of the cost of your entire project if you’re in a hurry. 🙂


Contact Me

Choose the correct design package for your needs. Fill out the contact form below, and hit submit. If your project fits into my design schedule, I will reach out within 24 to 48 hours to finalize your booking. It’d be a good idea to look over my Terms of Service page before reaching out, because you will be required to agree to them before we start work.



2-3 days before I begin your design, I like to touch base to make sure neither of us have any questions. I will then be very, very quiet for anywhere between 2-5 days depending on the complexity of your design. Shout if you need me! I shall pop my head out of the design cave to answer any questions you might have. Otherwise… YOUR BOOK COVER IS BEING MADE!! YAY!!



This is the Revision stage. I’ll need speedy response times here. All mockups you recieve during this phase will be watermarked. This is the time to request small changes to layout, typography, or color scheme. (Up to 3 revisions are provided, but if you need more, I have a revision add on! My priority is to produce something beautiful AND marketable that you ADORE.)



BOOM. We did it. We TEAM WORKED to create something that will cover your AMAZING words in more AMAZINGNESS. DOUBLE YAY! Final graphics will be delivered via email in JPG (eBook and promotional materials,) PDF (Paperback,) or PNG format (usually just 3D graphics, if you ordered one.)

Order A Custom Cover Design


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